• Soplica with mirabelle flavor

    From ripe and exceptionally aromatic mirabelles is a classic taste of summer, which will return to Polish tables.
  • Black Currant Soplica

    Slightly dry, broken with a hint of sweetness, unprecedented a bouquet of taste.
  • Strawberry Soplica

    With ripe fruit, for those who want to taste straight from Polish gardens.
  • Raspberry Soplica

    Long-aged, with a subtle aroma resulting from long maturation, perfect proportions and only natural ingredients.
  • Blueberry Soplica

    With an aromatic aroma and a natural, full of various shades of taste, is a proposal deeply rooted in the tradition of making home-made spirits.
  • Lemon Soplica

    Extremely refreshing, with a hint of honey that soothes its light astringency and gives it a unique character.
  • Burned Soplica

    With a classic recipe and a subtle taste broken by the sweetness of caramel.
  • Soplica Burnt with Fruit Drain

    With a delicate, caramel flavor complemented with a hint of dried Polish fruit.
  • Staropolska Soplica

    With a slightly sweet, fruity taste and beautiful amber color. It combines aromatic tinctures for walnuts, plums and cloves.
  • Noble Vodka

    Of the highest quality vodka produced on the basis of the purest Polish cereals.
  • Soplica Walnut

    Combines the ripe sweetness of the interior of the walnut with a slight tenderness of the shell. Well-balanced aroma with a delicate hint of dry bitterness.
  • Soplica Hazelnut

    This nougat note, brings to mind the warm autumn days, the smell of chocolate cake and the taste of freshly picked nuts. It tastes great both purely and with hot chocolate.
  • Apple Soplica

    Owes its light, sour taste to Polish apples, ruddy from the autumn rays of the sun.
  • Quince Soplica

    Excellent and long-aged in special conditions, with the traditional taste of ripe quince, sweet and slightly sour taste.
  • Cherry Soplica

    Ripening in the sun fruit give a unique taste with a distinctive note of cherry pits. It tastes great both pure and with tea.
  • Old Polish Original Soplica

    Is a luxurious, colorful vodka. the quintessence of noble taste in the best species. It is made from aromatic liqueurs of walnuts, elderberry, jasmine and forest wild strawberry, enriched with traditional Polish honey.
  • Old Polish hawthorn Soplica luxury

    Colorful vodka. The quintessence of a noble taste in the best quality. The unique taste derives from the pouring on hawthorn fruit, complemented by juicy mulberry.
  • Old Polish Blackberry Soplica

    Is a luxury liqueur. It is made from natural fillings on blackberry fruits, enriched with chokeberry juice.
  • Old Polish dogwood Soplica

    Carefully composed of a fruit dogwood enriched with natural rose juice.


  • Camelina mushrooms in cream with potato pancake

    29.00 zł

  • Handmade duck dumplings, roast cranberry sauce

    42.00 zł

  • Herring a’la Royale

    22.00 zł

  • Board of home-made products based on a pre-war recipe (for 2 persons)

    52.00 zł

  • Beef tenderloin carpaccio spicy-honey sauce, rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese

    35.00 zł

  • Beef tartare, egg yolk, onion, cucumber, pickled mushrooms

    37.00 zł

  • For appetizers, soups and salads we serve bread with herb butter, homemade buns, baguettes or mixed bread.


  • Crawfish soup

    29.00 zł

  • Czernina – regional duck blood soup, dried fruit, home-made pasta

    25.00 zł

  • Spicy red borscht, pasties

    21.00 zł

  • For appetizers, soups and salads we serve bread with herb butter, homemade buns, baguettes or mixed bread.

Main course

  • Roast trout with dill and butter acidified with lemon, sliced and fried potatoes, lettuce with cucumber and sour cream

    59.00 ZŁ

  • Chicken kiev, boiled potatoes, peas with carrots

    37.00 zł

  • Chicken liver, onion, caramelised apple, cranberries, sour cabbage, braised potatoes

    26.00 zł

  • Half a Polish duck, yeast dumplings fried in butter, red cabbage sprinkled with wine

    69.00 ZŁ

  • Coated pork chop on the bone, boiled potatoes, sautéed cabbage with mushrooms

    38.00 zł

  • Gniezno style ribs, grilled vegetables, braised potatoes in herbs

    55.00 zł

  • Veal neck, skillet potatoes, braised red cabbage with wine

    18.00 ZŁ
    100 G

  • Beef tenderloin steak, vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes, green peppercorn sauce

    220g 105.00 zł

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