Feast of Royal Flavors

The restaurants in Hotel Pietrak offer a wide array of delicious foods and unforgettable sensory experience. We serve foods from all parts of the world. The chef pays major attention to satisfying his guest with frequently updated seasonal menus. You will never find us short of ideas or inspiration.


Restaurant on the boardwalk by Family Food

Modern design and a completely new formula for serving dishes. Here, guests make their own compositions and sizes of the meal according to their tastes and appetite. Delicious, aromatic and, above all, varied dishes that can be bought by weight by paying exactly as much as grams will be put on your plate. Family Food – style and atmosphere suited to family spending time during a meal.

MO – SU    8:00 – 22:00

Liqueur Factory

The restaurant has a fascinating history. It is located in the undergrounds of Hotel Pietrak, where the renowned Bolesław Kasprowicz’s Vodka and Liqueur Factory operated 130 years ago. Here, you can enjoy an atmosphere of the by-gone era, try our prewar food specialties, buy unique souvenirs, browse archive photographs, and sip on some remarkably exquisite drinks based on Kasprowicz’s authentic recipes.

MO – SU    12:00 – 22:00

Tea House

Hanging Gardens of Hotel Pietrak’s restaurant is a very romantic place in the heart of the city. Diners find it a remarkably cozy space to enjoy their afternoon tea, coffee and delicious desserts. A wonderful place to spend dark autumn and winter afternoons.

MO – SU    9:00 – 20:00

American Pub

American-style interiors, bold menu, redecorated bar, Żywiec beer, live music, theme parties, karaoke on Thursdays, bartender shows and many more. The American dream come true!

MO – SU    15:00 – 24:00


Delicious cakes for all occasions, yeast cakes, dough nuts, muffins and chocolates, all made from natural ingredients according to traditional recipes. We accept individual orders. Come and try!

MO – SU   9:00 – 16:00


PRICE: 24,90 PLN

From Monday to Saturday 12PM–5PM the restaurant serves home-style dinner dishes. Every day the chef conjures up a new meal. We can also deliver food to your location.

Example menu

  • SOUP
    to Choose from

    Broccoli soup

    dill soup with batter dumplings

    to Choose from

    Pork chop roasted with tomatoes, baked potatoes, salad

    Vegetables with Mexican sauce

    Turkey fillet with sweet-and-sour sauce, rice, vegetables

    Dietary options: Caesar-style chicken, rice, carrot salad

  • SOUP
    To Choose from

    Beetroot soup with sour cream

    asparagus soup

    to Choose from

    Chicken Kiev, baked potatoes, salad

    Pickled ham in horseradish sauce, boiled potatoes, salad

    Batter-fried button mushrooms

    Dietary options: Chinese-style chicken with vegetables and rice

  • SOUP

    Cold beetroot soup with egg

    chicken soup with noodles


    Pork stew, boiled potatoes, beetroots

    Beef Stroganoff, potatoes, salad

    Vegetables with Béchamel sauce

    Dietary options: Sicilian-style fillet with rice and rocket salad


We offer catering services to serve as many as one thousand people. We have served at such events as: Presidents Meeting, Prime Ministers Meeting, official parliamentary session during the Congress of Gniezno
Hotel address
Hotel Pietrak Gniezno
ul. Chrobrego 3
62-200 Gniezno