Food by weight

You choose what you want, you put as much as you want, and you pay for what you have on your plate

5,40 zł/100g

From Monday to Saturday

  • Beverages

    Pay once, eat as much as you want!
  • Coffee/tea + pie

  • Pie

    from the Pietrak Pattiserie
  • Desserts

  • Fruit cocktails

  • Jelly with fruit

Happy hour -50% (17:00 – 18:00)


  • Salad with grilled chicken, mixed lettuce, olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cumin, home-made basil pesto

    35.00 zł

  • Greek salad, feta cheese, olives, cherry tomato, vinaigrette dressing

    32.00 zł

  • Salad with grilled halloumi cheese, lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, pear, walnuts, honey-lime dressing

    35.00 zł

Meat dishes

  • Grilled chicken fillet with chanterelle sauce, potato slices, rocket and cherry tomato salad

    42.00 zł

  • Grilled pork neck, grilled vegetables, steakhouse fries

    39.00 zł

  • American-style barbecue ribs served on a board, grilled vegetables, steakhouse fries, sauces

    55.00 zł

  • Beef tenderloin steak, vegetables, steakhosue fries, green peppercorn sauce

    220g 105.00 zł

  • Fried poultry liver with onion, sour cabbage, boiled potatoes

    26.00 zł

  • Royal duck, yeast dumplings, apple, red cabbage

    69.00 zł

  • Chicken cutlet de Volaille, fries, salad bar

    37.00 zł

  • Veal neck, red cabbage, boiled potatoes

    100g 18.00 zł

  • Bone-in pork chop, fries, sautéed cabbage with mushrooms

    38.00 zł

Fish and seafood

  • Pan-seared cod fillet, tomato salsa, salad bar, baguette with garlic butter

    59.00 zł

  • King prawns aglio-olio on black tagliatelle pasta, cherry tomato, chilli pepper

    59.00 zł

  • Grilled trout served on a board, grilled vegetables, steakhouse fries, sauces

    59.00 zł


  • Marinated herring in the royal style on a salad, pickled cucumber, onion, apple

    22.00 zł

  • Beef tenderloin carpaccio, arugula, tomatoes, spicy-honey sauce

    35.00 zł

  • Prawns aglio-olio peperoncino, white wine, citrus juice, baguette

    39.00 zł

  • Beef tartare, egg yolk, onion, cucumber, pickled mushrooms

    37.00 zł

  • Camelina mushrooms in cream with potato pancake rosti

    29.00 zł

  • A board of regional produce from the hotel pantry. Dish for 2 persons

    52.00 zł


  • Homemade chicken soup, homemade pasta – served in a copper pot

    16.00 zł

  • Old Polish sour rye sourdough soup served in a bread bowl, egg, sausage

    25.00 zł

  • Spicy red borscht, pasties

    21.00 zł

  • Crawfish soup

    29.00 zł

  • Czernina – regional duck blood soup, dried fruit, homemade pasta

    25.00 zł

Dumplings and pasta

  • Dumplings with spinach and salmon, garlic, lemon-butter sauce

    42.00 zł

  • Dumplings with duck, roast cranberry sauce

    42.00 zł

  • Tortellini Sicilliana – ravioli filled with 4 cheeses, garlic, basil oil, cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan cheese

    34.00 zł


  • Margheritta: Mozzarella, basil, oregano

    24.00 zł

  • Hawai: Ham, cheese, pineapple

    30.00 zł

  • Diavola: Spicy Italian salami, cheese

    34.00 zł

  • Quattro formaggi: mozzarella, gorgonzola, blue, parmesan, oregano

    34.00 zł

  • Prosciutto Funghi: Ham, cheese, mushrooms

    32.00 zł

  • Romana: Ham, salami, bacon, pepper, onion, cheese

    34.00 zł

  • Speck con salsa al. gorgonzola: Gorgonzola cheese, speck ham, cherry tomatoes, arugula

    38.00 zł

  • Pollo, prosciutto e camembert: cheese, camembert, chicken strips, ham, cucumber, jalapeno pepper

    42.00 zł

Burgers and wraps

  • Burger Lux: Pork, fried egg, mushrooms, onion, sauce

    29.00 zł

  • Lumberjack: beef, bacon, breaded camembert cheese, red onion jam, roasted onions, highland sauce

    39.00 zł

  • Pulled pork burger: lettuce, pickles, red onion jam, jalapeno peppers, bbq sauce, fries, coleslaw

    45.00 zł

  • Chicken strip wrap, iceberg lettuce, steak house fries, peppers, pickles, kotayl sauce

    35.00 zł

  • Pulled beef wrap, coleslaw, iceberg lettuce, steak house fries, bbq sauce

    35.00 zł

  • Vegetarian wrap, grilled halloumi cheese, steak house fries, peppers, iceberg lettuce, pickles, highland dressing

    35.00 zł

Hotel address
Hotel Pietrak Gniezno
ul. Chrobrego 3
62-200 Gniezno